About Coaching with Annie


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

  • The first meeting is a conversation for us to get related and discover what coaching may make available to you. 

2. What happens next?

  • After that first session, we agree on a regular schedule for four sessions per month. 

3. How long will you will be my coach?

  • Coaching agreements are a minimum of 3-months to 1-year. 

4. What can I expect? 

  • A once-and-for-all transformation in your life and an experience of what it's like to come from an empowered place. 

Description of Services

In a partnership based on trust and intimacy, I provide coaching services for coaches, executives, business leaders, career changers, decision makers, and others looking to experience transformation. I partner with people across the country. 

I bring to my coaching a background in broadcast journalism, communication, and acute listening and speaking skills. 

Benefits of working with me:

  • Customizable Coaching (there is only one you!)
  • Weekly Structures for Accountability
  • 1-hour a Week Dedicated to Creating the Life You Want
  • In-Between-Session Accessibility to Annie for On-The-Spot-Coaching As Needed

Terms of agreements range from: 

  • 90 Days (12 sessions total/one-time-only)
  • 6 Months (24 sessions total)
    • On-the-Spot coaching available in-between sessions. 
  • 1 Year (36-48 sessions available)
    • On-the-Spot coaching available in-between sessions. 

The First Session

All prospective clients will be invited to a complimentary session. 

I'll invite you to bring your phone, phone book, and calendar to this appointment. This appointment can be done in person, over the phone, or via video-conferencing. 

Sample sessions may last anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. 

Logistics & Fees

  • As all prospective partnerships begin complimentarily, logistics and fees will be brought up at the end of that first phone call. 
  • A coaching partnership is an investment of 1-hour a week for a minimum duration. 
  • Coaching is conducted over the phone, via Zoom, and on-occasion it may be done in person. 

Private Coaching

We'll partner together to Ignite Your Life. Together, we'll create a transformative experience that will allow you to not only know your worth, but live it. You bring the focus you'd like to work on: relationships, career, well-being, or even spirituality. We will partner to create actions and practices to move your life in the direction you deserve. 

Workshop: Ignite Or Burn Out

For organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits I offer a 3-hour workshop. 

Contact me directly for more information.

For Companies, Organizations, and Non-Profits 

Group coaching and team-coaching is also available.