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"...If you want to break through, Annie is an awesome coach..."

"She is wise beyond her years. She provided a great deal of insight. She offered valuable resources. Working with Annie was a positive experience. If you want to break through, Annie is an awesome coach." 

- Donna A., August 2019

"... the impossible will be possible!"

"Annie's AMAZING! She helped me to feel more motivated into taking action to achieve my goals. I was embarrassed at first to tell her about my aspirations, but she listened to me with an open heart and mind. She didn't make me feel that my goals are impossible to attain, but rather, she made me feel that with the right mindset and plan, the impossible will be possible! THANK YOU, ANNIE!!!"

- Raine C., July 2019 

"Annie guides me to the best I can be..."

"Annie guides me to the best I can be: to experience awesomeness outside my comfort zone. [She helped me] figure out what I want, pursuing what I want, and notice where I stop. It's like Star Trek, going where no man (or woman) has gone before." 

- Nan W., April 2019 

"... I am both a fan and a client"

"I can personally attest to the guidance, compassion, wisdom and process by which Annie operates. I have found, and continue to experience, the value Annie can provide. I am both a fan and a client." 

- Brad R.,  May 2019

"... notice a big difference in your life after only a few sessions..."

"I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Annie and she is really great at what she does!   She has helped me to boost my productivity and creativity. She’s a patient, attentive listener and gives keen insights and suggestions to help me boost my business, improve my relationships, better my health, and achieve other important goals.   Her weekly call is always a shot of optimism that leaves me excited about the progress I’m making in my life and stokes a desire to keep pushing towards my dreams in spite of any setbacks or difficulties I might be facing.   Annie helps you figure out what you want, the steps you need to take to get there, and helps you stay focused on what’s important as the months go by. She’s kind, friendly and a pleasure to work with! You start to notice a big difference in your life after only a few sessions. I highly recommend her."


Joshua A., January 2019





Personal Development & Leadership Coaching

About Me: Annie Petersen


I work with people to help them find their own light and live into more meaningful lives. 

Up until 2016, I was in a steady television news career with access to just about anyone and two Emmys on a shelf. Yet, when it came time to go to work, I would cry. The job no longer fulfilled me, instead it just filled me. 

I knew I wanted more. Specifically, I wanted to live a life of purpose and possibility. That’s when I discovered Accomplishment Coaching and enrolled in one of the most rigorous and comprehensive  Coaches Training Programs in the world.


Professionalism and Experience

With a background in television news producing and public relations, I have the experience to communicate with you effectively. 

In fact, one of the greatest qualities as a coach is to ask the questions and listen. 

I am a coach affiliated with Accomplishment Coaching bound by the ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Benefits of working with me:

  • Customizable Coaching (there is only one you!)
  • Weekly Structures for Accountability
  • 1-hour a Week Dedicated to Creating the Life You Want
  • In-Between-Session Accessibility to Annie for On-The-Spot-Coaching As Needed


A Future-Directed Journey

My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and offer a figurative flashlight as you take the steps toward the life you want. My commitment is a partnership to Ignite Your Life. 

It seems to me many of us have done all we can with what we have: support groups, books, YouTube videos, and at the end of the day may have only moved incrementally. 

That's okay! Let's work together to get past the speed bump. 

- Annie Petersen


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