About Annie Petersen

💡Personal Development & Leadership Coach 👩🏼‍💼🔦

I am a coach partnering with others with an intention for others to achieve their own greatness. 

I am dedicated to incorporating my years of interviewing, listening, and storytelling experience to stand with others as they pursue their passions and their greatest purpose. 

This is my Second Act in my professional life. I spent 17 years in broadcast journalism working with reporters and news anchors to tell the stories that mattered during the day. I was making a living and had two Emmy Awards on my shelf. Yet, I was not fulfilled. I knew there was more and that my being in the world deserved more than sitting in a control room writing about what had already happened

I started my television career in San Diego, California in 1999. 

The journey took me to Palm Springs, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas. I took my headset off one final time in August 2016 at WFAA-TV. 

I have an  undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and a Mass Media Emphasis from the University of San Diego and a Master's of Science in Business Continuity, Security, and Risk Management from Boston University.

Like most babies, I was born curious and storytelling may be in my genes. My father, Richard Petersen, was a newspaper editor and encouraged her to pursue journalism. I conducted my first career interview at the age of 12, and continued pursuing information about the field conducting career interviews with Diane Sawyer, Leeza Gibbons, Larry King, and several local San Diego journalists before pursuing journalism as a career.

I originally wanted to be a television journalist, but soon after starting my first job at XETV in 1999, I realized my passion is in writing and in storytelling. In 2000, I wrote down the words, "I want to help others achieve their own greatness."

I rediscovered those words many years later, and then took action. I walked away from my career and into a Coaches Training Program. Through personal development and leadership training of my own, I discovered:

My purpose on this planet is to help other achieve their own greatness. 

I can't wait to work with you. 

Annie Petersen, January 2019
Annie Petersen, January 2019

About coaching with annie

A Partnership for Your Life

I am passionate about co-creating possibilities with people, teams, and leaders on ways to transform all areas of life: well-being, relationships, career, and self-expression. I am a life coach with an emphasis in Personal Development and Leadership.

Whether you are looking to meet your next weight-loss goal, take the next step in your relationship, get a promotion, or publish a book we will work together. 

Working with me is a partnership to notice the interconnectedness of life. As we work on your personal development, the leadership development unfolds: you take the lead in your life.